Nearly 300 Years of Hands-on Experience in Our Industry

Among energy service companies, CMC stands out from the rest.

Yes, we are a certified Woman-Owned Business, which helps many utilities and government agencies satisfy vendor diversity policies and programs.

“In the course of my 22-year career with CMC, I have been fortunate to be part of a team that is proud of the work they do, and the difference they make for not only homeowners, but the entire energy efficiency industry. The people at CMC care about their work, and strive always to provide quality work for their customers.”
— Brian O’Connor,
Technical Project Manager,
CMC Energy Services, Inc.

Yes, we are an award winning, 36+ year-old company that has more professional certifications than are required among home energy auditors.

It is true that we safety-train our auditors and specialists to routinely conduct home heath and safety testing. And there is no doubt that we can scale our services to satisfy any size project, large or small.

Yet while these things do help make us different, they alone do not tell you our entire story.

As we grow larger, we get better

Some companies fall victim to their own success. We are not one of them.

Our staff of long-term employees care deeply about energy conservation, our programs, and our clients’ results. As our team has grown into a nationwide energy services company, we have added customizable services that allow us to support our clients’ large scale programs. For example, we:

  • Design and conduct custom-audit programs that deliver results
  • Train auditors, seal-up specialists, and post-installation inspectors that then become your company’s own energy efficiency team
  • Administer programs with participation and implementation tracking and reporting
  • Manage subcontactors for energy efficiency programs already underway
  • Provide post-installation inspections for third-party jobs
  • Staff and maintain customer call center and tech support lines representing your utility or government department
  • Evaluate renewable technology potential for sites before work begins
  • Develop and maintain customer databases to implement, support, track, and evaluate customer participation
  • Provide appliance removal and recycling

So there is no “one” thing we do that makes us different—it is “everything” we can do for you and your customers.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can make a difference for you.