Surveys. Everybody hates them, right! Well, everyone except Steve Harvey and Family Feud producers.

WRONG! Surveys are a vital channel into insights about CMC for our employees and future employees, explained Rachelle DeHoratius, senior director, Human Resources.

“The Gallup poll, CMC employees just completed, and the Energage survey, which they will see shortly, are focused on engagement of employees and how we can make CMC the best place possible to work,” DeHoratius said.

Although surveys get a bad rap, the reality is they provide valuable information about what CMC does well and areas where the company needs to improve.

“The Gallup poll is all about employee engagement with their leadership,” DeHoratius noted. “The fact is that the more engaged employees are, typically, the better they feel about their workplace. Through the survey, employees are able to tell leadership what they need to continue progressing in their career. If employees don’t feel engaged and cared about, that’s not a healthy work environment. If CMC leaders can engage their teams, that’s a game-changer.”

The results of this year’s Gallup poll will be compared with last year’s to see where the company has made progress and what areas may need some more attention. Supervisors and managers will receive the results of this survey and share it with their respective teams.

While the Gallup poll looks at how employees feel about their individual jobs, the Energage survey, which will be open from October 17 – 31, looks at CMC as whole. It is the basis for the “Best Workplaces” awards that the Fort Washington, Pa., Hamilton, N.J., and Wallingford, Ct., offices have won.

“The Energage survey basically asks employees ‘How do you feel about the company in total,’” DeHoratius said. “The information from that survey shows us how CMC compares to other companies. If we do our best for our employees and can be recognized as an employer who treats their employees well, it’s the best of both worlds. It helps us retain our employees while also becoming an attractive employer for future employees.”

Combined, the two surveys give CMC invaluable feedback on how it’s doing and how CMC can get even better, DeHoratius concluded. So, the next time you see a survey, please consider completing it. It’s a great tool for you to share your thoughts on life at CMC.

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