Message from Tina Bennett, CEO

Tina Bennett, CMC President & CEO

We’re ready to get back to work. Click here to read more about our readiness planning.

CMC is looking forward to returning to our work helping utilities serve their customers and reach their energy efficiency goals. We are uniquely positioned to get back to work immediately – and have actively been preparing for our safe return.

We have maintained our employee base due to the commitment of our leadership, owners and board to keep our business strong and viable. We understand the value of retaining skilled field technicians, inspectors, customer care representatives and program managers because they are the backbone of our workforce and infrastructure. They are vital to the restart and rapid ramp-up of program activity that will be necessary to recover the missed energy efficiency savings opportunities presented by this time of forced idleness.

For our employees, we have offered extensive safety and technical trainings, which has resulted in employees completing thousands of hours of training. We already have a highly skilled and talented team. Investing in additional education and industry certifications will further raise our skill sets and expertise, enabling us to emerge from this situation even more prepared to serve our clients and customers.

We also have developed several forms of Virtual Energy Assessments (VEA) to continue providing valuable services while significantly reducing risk for both customers and employees. This approach is similar to the telemedicine being practiced by many doctors.

The VEA allows customers to work directly with a dedicated Energy Advisor to develop a customized savings strategy. While the customer is completing the assessment with their Energy Advisor, they will go through the entire home, room by room, obtaining a count of non-LED bulbs, water saving measures and smart power strips. The VEA also creates meaningful opportunities to communicate with the most isolated and vulnerable customers and allows CMC Energy Advisors to offer real time assistance to those in need. Currently, CMC is offering remote assessments in Connecticut, Illinois and Pennsylvania.

In addition to remote assessments, CMC has continued to provide other services to our clients and customers. We are offering remote QA/QC services in Massachusetts. We are still supporting several commercial and industrial clients with marketing and outreach efforts, and our Call Center is still fielding calls to support energy efficiency in several states.

These are just a few of the steps CMC has taken to continue serving customers and preparing our company for a return to more normal operations. Our solid program infrastructure has been fortified during this challenging time. CMC looks forward to being able to safely serve our customers again.

Stay Safe!

Tina Bennett, CMC President & CEO

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