We Are Dedicated to Comprehensive Quality Control Inspections

We report all testing results, as required by you, to your team and your customers.

CMC assigns specially trained Quality Assurance (QA) Technicians to every project. These technicians operate apart from our energy auditors and service representatives, to help ensure that independent analyses are brought to bear all along the home energy auditing and energy improvement installation processes.

CMC assigns Quality Assurance Technicians to every project.

These QA Technicians verify that all phases of the proposed work scope are applied and carried out in accordance with program guidelines, manufacturer specifications, and relevant technical and quality standards.

In-process inspections take place during various stages of the work, as well as after any particular stage has been completed. These efforts help identify possible corrective measures and/or missed opportunities as soon as possible, and they help promote uniformity and collaboration among the partnering weatherization and HVAC field technicians and installers.

As part of our Program Management planning, we work with our clients to strategically plan these inspection steps, and to determine what stages will be reported to our clients and/or to their customers.

CMC is 100% committed to quality workmanship and complete customer satisfaction. Creating our own self-imposed, independent inspection team is just one more example of our commitment.

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