Kayleigh Scott and Fred Maher stand in front of the bay door at the new office. CMC may expand into the area behind the pair if the office grows.

Just like new Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni, CMC Energy Services is moving to Philadelphia.

That’s right, CMC is opening a Philadelphia office at 2275 Bridge Street, Building 209, right next to I-95, at the former Frankford Arsenal, which made munitions for the U.S. Army. The 7,000-square-foot office provides many benefits for CMC, explained Lisa Stotts, CFO.

“First, this is another example of CMC’s efforts to respond to our growing footprint in the energy-efficiency world,” Stotts said. “We can support several programs serving the Philadelphia market for PECO, Philadelphia Gas Works and the Philadelphia Water Department at this more centrally located site.”

For example, field technicians will have a shorter drive to pick up materials they may need for an in-home assessment because the site has a 3,500-square foot warehouse as part of the site. This should make it more efficient for the field workers to continue providing exemplary service to utility customers.

Kayleigh is standing in the new Philly office’s warehouse in front of more than 100 room air conditioners. This picture was taken at a safe social distance.

“There’s also goodwill generated with the Philadelphia utilities for actually being located in the city,” Stotts said. “So many people assume we are in Philadelphia proper, but our headquarters—as you know—is actually in Montgomery County.

“With this new office, we are showing an even greater commitment to our utility partners in Philadelphia and to their continued success,” she concluded.

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