Our Values

Environmental Responsibility

Protecting the environment for future generations is at the heart of our founding mission.


Safety is our top priority in every action we take, and is rooted in our commitment to every community we serve.

Operational Excellence

Quality control is strictly managed to ensure every customer receives consistent, personalized, excellent care.

Continuous Improvement

We are always looking for better ways to solve problems for our customers, our employees, and our communities.


We believe that working together is the key to building a strong business and resilient communities.

Social benefit

We take great pride in delivering value to the communities we serve — especially the ones that need it most.


We are dedicated to cultivating an inclusive and diverse team of outstanding professionals.

Our Impact

CMC is committed to environmental responsibility and continuous improvement. The energy-efficiency services we provide to utilities and government programs not only assist residential, commercial and industrial customers save money. Energy efficiency avoids the need to generate new electricity or to consume natural gas, preventing the release of harmful pollution and slowing the impacts of climate change.

CMC calculated our impact in reducing the release of carbon pollution across all the work that we do, from HVAC installations to education initiatives. In 2017, we prevented the release of 83 million pounds of carbon dioxide. In 2018, we more than doubled our impact — achieving a companywide reduction of 198 million pounds of carbon dioxide. That’s equivalent to the annual greenhouse gas emissions of more than 19,000 cars.

We’re committed to tracking carbon reductions in the months and years ahead, setting goals and pinpointing opportunities to get better at what we do.


lbs. of avoided carbon emissions

Our energy efficiency work reduced carbon emissions from residential and multifamily homes as well as from commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.

CMC can help implement your climate solutions

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