Our Mission

Service, Savings, Sustainability

The mission of CMC Energy Services is to promote energy efficiency nationwide. Our programs provide broad economic, energy, environmental, public health, and employment benefits on a national level. It is our goal to see regulators, energy providers, and companies such as ours work together to deliver these results. We are dedicated to saving more energy and reaching more homes, more cost effectively, than any other program in the nation.

We implement this mission by successfully designing, administrating, and conducting energy-efficiency programs for households throughout the United States on behalf of both utilities and government agencies.

Our emphasis is often on helping low-income families whose homes most need energy efficiency improvements.

We design, administer, and conduct energy efficiency programs for utilities and government agencies.

We offer our energy partners many services, including:

  • Designing and conducting an energy audit program that delivers results
  • Training auditors, seal-up specialists, and post-installation inspectors
  • Administering programs for low-income households
  • Managing implementation sub-contractors
  • Providing post-installation inspections
  • Staffing and maintaining a customer call center and technical support lines
  • Evaluating renewable technology potential on-site
  • Developing and maintaining a database to track and support customer participation, implementation, and evaluation.
  • Recycling appliances

Contact us to learn more about how we fulfill our mission with utilities and government agencies.