As U.S. businesses face the challenge of COVID-19, CMC is uniquely positioned to get back to work – and has been actively preparing for our return through employee training and skill building.

Over the past month, more than 125 employees have conducted more than 1,800 hours of trainings – building upon our knowledge of technical and safety skills, enhancing the customer experience, emerging technologies and many more. These trainings also have included safety procedures for our customer-facing employees on personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure that we take the appropriate precautions when we are able to enter customers’ homes again.

“Due to the commitment of our leadership and board, we have done something that many of our competitors have not – we maintained our entire employee base to keep our business strong and viable,” said Yvette Brown, Senior Director, Marketing and Commercial Services.

“We already have a highly skilled and talented team. Investing in additional industry education and certifications will further raise our skill sets and expertise and enable us to emerge from this situation even more prepared to serve our customers,” she added. “This is another great example of CMC living its values – Doing It Right: Pursuing Excellence.”

As we prepare to get back to work, know that we will be able to better serve our customers due to our training – and will be ready to provide an excellent and safe experience. For more information about trainings, reach out to your supervisor or contact the HR Department.

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