EVsmart program intro.

Good to Know:

  • First item.
  • Second item.
  • Third item.


Need to Know:

  • For x, y, z customers.
  • First note.
  • Second note (e.g. re. eligibility):
    First sub-bullet
    Second sub-bullet
    Third sub-bullet

    ◆ Not an x, y, z customer?
    More info, etc.

Get Started

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Questions / More Info:

  • More info + full eligibility guidelines:
    x customers [link]
    y customers [link]
  • Not sure if you’re eligible? Call us at 1-855-564-7532 and we’ll be happy to assist you.
  • Still browsing? Check out our New Jersey homepage to see other options that might work for you, or our Resources page [link], for a more comprehensive list of commercial energy-saving programs and services available throughout New Jersey.
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