Electric vehicle (EV) charger rebates—covering 50-100% of project costs, up to $60,000 per charging station.

Good to Know:

  • Rebates are offered through Atlantic City Electric’s EVsmart Program, which CMC Energy Services helps to administer.
  • Rebates are for “make-ready” infrastructure upgrades completed after February 17, 2021—ones required by EV charging equipment before becoming “plug and play” ready.
    Examples include the purchase and installation of service panels, junction boxes, conduit, and wiring.
    Eligible customers can apply for a one-time rebate that will substantially cover these costs.
  • Program participation may be paired with additional EV charging infrastructure incentives offered by the New Jersey DEP.


Need to Know:

Available Incentives

Six sub-programs offer the following incentives:

  • Residential
    Up to $1,000/port. Max. 1 rebate/household.
  • Multifamily
    Up to $5,000/port ($6,000 in LMI communities). Max. 10 ports/site.
  • Workplace
    Up to $4,500/port. Max. 10 ports/site.
  • Fleet
    Up to $2,500/port. Max. 10 ports/site.
  • Public DCFC
    Up to $60,000/port. Max. 2 ports/site.
  • Public Level 2
    Up to $4,500/port. Max. 2 ports/site.

Required Documents

Supporting documents required include:

  • Valid Atlantic City Electric Account # of the charger installation location.
  • Installation Invoice with:
    Electrical company/contractor letter.
    Address matching electrical service address.
    Installation date on or after February 17, 2021.
    Invoice marked as paid/completed before final incentive payment.
  • Photo of Serial Number must be clear and legible.
  • Site Plan (not needed for residential projects) with:
    Nearby public roads labeled.
    Electrical panel where charger breakers are located.
    Chargers and associated parking spaces.
    Electrical paths from the electrical panel to the chargers.
    Description of each charger’s use.

Get Started

Reach out to our program team today!

Alternatively, you can use this EVsmart Rebate Application Form:

Questions / More Info:

  • Not sure if you’re eligible? Call us at 855-861-0151 (option #4) and we’ll be happy to assist you.
  • Please check the Atlantic City Electric EVsmart Program Manual for additional program info: eligibility requirements, available incentive levels, descriptions of key documents and equipment, and a walkthrough of the application process.
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