CMC’s Cranbury, New Jersey, location isn’t letting COVID-19 slow it down. The team’s small- to medium-sized business and C&I direct install program isn’t just back to work – it’s exceeding goals and increasing monthly revenues with new sales.

“Although the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities and our utility partners made the decision to shut down in late March, our team never stopped brainstorming and creating new opportunities to reach our customers and make sales,” said Ben Altomari, Program Manager, CMC NJ.

“We no longer could be in the field during that time doing installs or door-to-door sales, but with help of Desiree Collazo-Soto, CMC’s Program Marketing Manager, we were able to stepup as a resource for our customers—giving tips, helping them manage their properties and kicking off an email marketing campaign,” Altomari said.

CMC’s successful New Jersey program provides energy efficient direct install solutions for lighting, refrigeration, HVAC and more, which is often covered by the state of New Jersey up to 80 percent. These energy and cost savings projects benefit elementary schools, restaurants and other local businesses that qualify.

“From February through April, we’ve had a sharp increase in sales, which is a testament to the team’s hard work,” Altomari said. “When everything was shutting down, the direct install team continued to be innovative, moving business forward and keeping the momentum going.”

Examples of their inventive solutions to remain a resource to businesses in need included the offering of virtual energy assessments and the restructuring of the customer journey to reduce touch points and ensure a safe work environment for all involved. All while still providing excellent customer experience.

Today, CMC’s New Jersey team is back to working at 100 percent capacity and has nearly tripled its monthly install revenues in June. While much of the country has been under significant stress and experienced loss of profits due to COVID-19, CMC New Jersey is on track with its annual proposed budget and hopes to exceed its projected profitability.

“It always makes my job easier working with a dedicated team like we have,” Altomari said. “Anthony Tortomasi, Wayne Rode and Justin Casler are always looking for opportunities to advance the program, increase lead generation and leverage available resources to make this program a success. They’re a dedicated group who view the success of the company as an extension of themselves.”

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