This month, CMConnect has a new feature: Work Superlatives. Here’s what the Marketing team has to say about their peers. In the coming months, we will feature other groups. Are you interested in sharing what makes your team special? Please send your suggestion to: CMCCultureClub@cmcenergy.com.


Karine Shamlian: Most Likely to be Volunteering
Karine volunteers for at least five organizations and/or serves on their leadership/steering committees. She seems to be unable to say “no” to any of them.



Regis D’Angelo: Most Likely to Wear Something Orange (for any occasion)
Regis has a closet overflowing with orange – from polos and button-downs to ties, hats and pants. He is a diehard Baltimore fan and he loves to show it off.



Desiree Collazo-Soto: Most Likely to Wear Heels in a Snowstorm.
Known for her slightly outlandish shoes around the office, Desiree’s also been known to sport a 3″ Timberland boot in the midst of a storm.



Blake Huang: Most Excited to See Snow!
Having recently returned from eight and a half years in Los Angeles, Blake is excited for the snow, cold and fresh air that being home in Pennsylvania promises.



Jon Curtis: Most Likely to Tell a Joke and Not Even Realize It
With his quick wit and even tone, Jon lightens the mood and spreads smiles effortlessly… sometimes not even knowing he made a joke.



Felicia DiCicco: Most Likely to Wear Someone Else’s Glasses
When there are multiple optical options available, Felicia will test them all to find the one that works – helping her to recycle eyeglasses and save time (or avoid?) going to the doctor for a new prescription.



Gabrielle Newell: Most Likely to Take on a Challenge Head On
Gab is not afraid to figure things out – even when the biggest challenges arise. She jumps in with enthusiasm every time.


Kalene Coffey: Most Likely to be Watching a Basketball Game
Kalene is a huge basketball fan and she rarely misses a game when her hometown favorites, the Philadelphia 76ers, are playing. Her favorite player is Kevin Durant.



Kate Harron: Most Likely to be Thinking about Food
Always baking, cooking, researching or creating a shopping list or a themed dinner menu, Kate loves to bring people together around the table. She even wrote her Master’s thesis about it.

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