Our commitment to customer care sets us apart from our competitors. It’s why so many utilities and government agencies contract with us to provide energy support to their customers.

One of the ways we provide support is through our Customer Energy Education Program, which drives us to educate homeowners during our visits and beyond.

An important aspect of this educational outreach is using the latest technology to assist customers who agree with our mission of conserving energy and preserving the future.

Recently, we have been achieving measurable results and immeasurable rewards by introducing to our customers a new energy monitor called the HeetMeter.

This device is compatible with 90% of heating systems, including oil, natural gas and propane systems. The HeetMeter provides invaluable information for the home owner:

  • measures the results and savings achieved through energy-efficiency improvements
  • lets homeowner know optimum times to have heating system serviced
  • prevents homeowner getting surprised by high energy bills
  • tracks daily fuel usage
  • monitors fuel tank level
  • alerts homeowner to abnormal heating system operation

We can install the HeetMeter in less than 10 minutes. The device attaches to a boiler or furnace with a built-in magnet, plugs into a household 110V outlet and connects to the homeowner’s WIFI Network.

It works through a Cloud-Based interface, so there is nothing to download or update. The HeetMeter is mobile-optimized and works with Apple, Android and Blackberry phones and tablets.

You can read more about the HeetMeter here.

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