Industry Outreach

CMC Energy Services is proud to support our industry through the various associations that we endorse, the educational events in which we participate, and the conferences, workshops and summits that we attend or sponsor throughout the year.
Take a look at our 2017/2018 calendar:


Midwest Energy Solutions Conference
Chicago, Illinois
February 7-9, 2018

Association of Energy Services Professionals (AESP) National Conference

New Orleans, Louisiana
February 19-22, 2018

Home Performance National Conference & Trade Show
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
April 23-25, 2018

National Energy & Utility Affordability Coalition (NEUAC) Annual Conference
Phoenix, Arizona
June 25-28, 2018


Building Science Program at the Community College of Philadelphia Advisory Board Meeting
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
November 14, 2017

Association of Energy Services Professionals (AESP) MidAtlantic Chapter (MARCh)
Strategies for Delivering Marketing Excellence
Hosted by PECO
November 2, 2017

Keystone Energy Efficiency Alliance (KEEA) Annual Conference
Hershey, Pennsylvania
October 26-27, 2017

E Source Forum
Denver, Colorado
September 12-15, 2017

Exelon Supplier Summit
Chicago, Illinois
July 13, 2017

The National Energy and Utility Affordability Coalition (NEUAC) Annual Conference
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
June 26-28, 2017

AESP March
Innovative Pilots, Programs & Demonstration Projects in the Mid-Atlantic
Newark, New Jersey
June 15, 2017

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE)
National Symposium on Market Transformation
Arlington, Virginia
April 2-4, 2017

Home Performance Conference & Trade Show
Nashville, Tennessee
March 19-22, 2017

AESP National Conference and Expo
Orlando, Florida
February 13-16, 2017

Tom McAteer, program manager, speaks at events throughout the year.

CMC is a frequent sponsor of industry events, including the 2017 AESP National Conference.