Every sector of our economy is having issues finding an adequate workforce to meet demand. CMC and the energy efficiency industry are no different. CMC and our partners needed to get innovative with how we reach more individuals and bring them into the energy efficiency industry.

CMC Field Technician III and Clean Energy Jobs Program graduate, Nazyah Wilson

In response to the New Jersey Clean Energy Act, PSE&G partnered with the state Department of Labor and Workforce Development to create the Clean Energy Jobs Program. CMC is thankful for being able to participate in the PSE&G Clean Energy Jobs Program established to help train and provide a career path for individuals to work on energy efficiency programs. This month, we’re excited to highlight recent program graduate Nazyah (Naz) Wilson, field technician III.

Wilson was born and raised in Trenton, N.J., and is a lifelong New Jersey resident. He was working in retail at a Nike store when he realized he wanted more. After reading an Indeed.com post about PSE&G’s Clean Energy Jobs Program, Wilson started reflecting on his work in retail and his desire for a career that allowed him to grow and learn more skills.

“I was excited to begin the program and receive the on-the-job training, it was different and interesting. I liked that,” Wilson said.

The program provides roughly six months of curriculum including online classes for two weeks and then takes participants out into the field to learn about energy efficiency and install energy savings measures. Topics covered by the Clean Energy Jobs Program include customer service, weatherization, HVAC, OSHA safety requirements, energy efficiency program procedures and other applicable techniques and skills needed for installing energy savings measures in customers’ homes.

Naz, in full gear at a recent appointment.

Continuing his education, Wilson recently received his Building Performance Institute (BPI) Analyst certification. Today, you can find Wilson working for CMC NJ in the PSE&G Home Weatherization program.

Program participants do not need any prior experience and can be new to the energy-efficiency industry. This program teaches them all they need to know and helps introduce them to new experiences and opportunities. John White, field operations supervisor for PSE&G’s Income Eligible Residential program, has managed a few of the program’s graduates.

“This is a wonderful program that helps our industry find and attract new groups,” White said. “It reduces the high costs of two-or four-year schooling and program graduates come out completely knowledgeable about the industry. It has really helped cut down on training and onboarding time. Now I just need 100 more people like Naz.”

If you are aware of any New Jersey residents who might like a career change or would benefit from this program, click here to learn more and apply for the program.

Yes, this is Naz, his work takes him into some wild places.

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