One of CMC’s many strengths comes from our field staff’s expertise and the exceptional customer expertise they provide daily for utility customers. Whether doing an in-home assessment, looking for health and safety issues, or installing energy-efficient lighting, our field staff is the face of CMC. They typically are the one thing our customers remember most once services are complete.

Customers view CMC technicians as “the experts.” Capitalize on your knowledge and expertise!

Leveraging this trusted advisor position is one of the keys to helping CMC meet its program goals. A logical extension of that is our referral programs. Did you know, 60 percent of marketers say that referral programs generate the highest volume of leads? Also, referral programs have a significantly lower cost-per-lead than most other marketing channels.

Equally important, getting referrals from field technicians can put cash into their pockets.

“The referral program can be one of CMC’s most successful efforts,” said Josh Smith, program manager, PECO Income Eligible Single Family. “We see a 3x increase in scheduling a referral over cold-calling. Referrals are a great way for my team to help customer acquisition, showcase our great work and earn some extra money, it’s a win-win-win.”

The referral programs’ don’t just stop at customers scheduled through the customer care center. CMC field technicians can refer friends, family, neighbors and anyone else they know. Nicholas Willoughby, a field technician III, is leading the way for the PECO teams with 17 total referrals, 26 percent of the PECO programs total referral number.

“Nick is leveraging the good work he does daily for CMC while creating additional income potential,” Smith said.

New Jersey’s QHEC program is also excelling at referrals with 75 coming in since August. Top performers were Neisonet Cruz, Chelsea Holland, Cristian Bonilla and Frankie DeJesus.

CMC field technicians who refer a customer, who eventually completes an assessment or audit, receive $25. There are several ways to participate including:

  • Customers may call the call center to schedule by mentioning the referring employee. The employee’s name is added to the program system.
  • Employees also may send customer information to the call center. Customer care representatives will make an outbound call to schedule the customer. The employee’s name is added to the program system.
  • Technicians can use their dedicated QR code that potential customers can scan and follow the steps to sign up (participating programs only, check with your supervisor for details).
Explaining the value of newly installed energy-efficiency measures is a great way to get referrals.

At month end, a referral report is run and submitted as commission on the tenth of every month.

For non-field technicians, we often have other paid referral programs for our employees, like the “friends and family” offer for the New Jersey programs. Keep an eye out for these opportunities in the future.

CMC’s field technicians are CMC’s ambassadors. To the customer, you are the ones saving them money. You are the person explaining their new measures while showcasing your expertise. You are the highlight they remember when talking to friends, neighbors and loved ones. For more information about CMC referral programs and the specifics of your program, talk to your supervisor or manager. Get those referrals!

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