Our Home Energy-Efficiency Programs Will Change Your Customers’ Lives

And improve your brand with your customers, too!

Every utility or government agency that offers energy-saving services to its customers wants to achieve four goals:

  1. To reduce home energy costs while improving indoor comfort
  2. To be viewed positively by the customer for the quality and long-term benefits of the program
  3. To have educated, energy-wise customers
  4. To ensure a safe and healthy environment

At CMC, we understand these goals — which is why we put so much effort into everything we do for you and your customers or constituents.

It begins with customized program management, where we work with you to plan what, when, and how the program will be implemented.

From this planning we execute energy audits, including additional health and safety inspections.

From these findings we will perform any approved measure or equipment installations that will help lower energy waste and expenses for years to come, as well as make the home far more comfortable.

Along the way, and even after our work is done, we will also provide homeowners with the education they need to make smarter energy improvement decisions.

Because of these services — as well as our exceptional commitment to customer care and unique quality control inspections program — many of the major Northeast utilities have contracted with CMC. Read more here.

Our tremendous growth has resulted in new contracts with multiple government agencies and our increased capacity to manage programs nation wide.

Contact us to learn more about the successful results of our home energy-efficiency programs.