Susan Santor, Customer Service Representative, has been with CMC for over 5 years working in the Westborough, MA office. Susan was born in Spencer, Massachusetts, and grew up with five siblings. She lived in the south for a time before returning to the New England area. Married for 12 years, Susan has two children, a daughter and a son that passed away from leukemia. Besides shopping, Susan’s favorite thing to do is spending time with family. In her spare time, Susan has been helping to collect and compile a cook book full of recipes from fellow CMC employees.

Prior to joining CMC, what did you know of energy efficiency or the industry?

Susan: Prior to joining CMC, my knowledge of energy efficiency or the industry was very limited but I’ve always liked to learn new things and quickly found it very interesting.

What made you join CMC?

S: I joined CMC after losing a job I was at for 14 years. I was looking — and we were hiring!

What do you like about the work that you do at CMC?

S: I love everything about my job, I find it very rewarding. I especially love dealing with National Grid and all my clients.

What do you do for fun?

S: I love hanging around with my family. My husband, and my sisters’ husbands, own motorcycles. When the weather is good, one of my favorite things to do is go out riding together. I also enjoy cruises.


Do you have any hidden talents or interests?

S: My family would definitely say that one of my “hidden” talents would be party planning. I seem to be the one who plans all our family functions, whether it is just a summertime cookout, a Mother’s Day get-together, or any other type of event, I’m the one who seems to be “chosen” to organize it. Apparently my family seems to think I am gifted in this area.

How are you keeping busy during our “stay at home” period?

S: I’ve been keeping myself busy by doing projects around the house that I never usually have time for. I also enjoy video chatting with my granddaughter every day.

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