Patti Cagide, CMC’s Customer Service Supervisor in Cranbury, NJ, was born in the Ironbound section of Newark, NJ. When her friend began working at CMC Energy, she was hired as an assistant to do data entry in December, 1984 – and the rest is history!

She is a big sports fan and her favorite teams are the Giants, the Mets and the Devils. Her husband coached hockey and her son played, so the sport always has had a special place in her heart.

Prior to joining CMC, what did you know of energy efficiency or the industry?                 

Nothing at all. The push to the general public for energy efficiency was in its infancy.

What made you join CMC?  

I was only 19, but I liked the idea of working on something that benefited people.

What do you like about the work that you do at CMC?

We provide a valuable service to people in need. The greatest reward is speaking with a grateful and satisfied customer.

What do you do for fun? 

I’m at the beach pretty much year-round. In the summer, I enjoy the rays. From fall through winter, I like walking our Golden Retriever along the shoreline. And yes, he goes in the water year-round! Also, I love to bike ride.

Do you have any hidden talents or interests?                                                                                               

I love to cook. Fortunately, my family loves to eat! I got all my recipes from my mom. Every single dish she made was amazing. Also, I’m a pretty decent ping pong player.

Besides work, how are you keeping busy during our “stay at home” period?  

I planted a vegetable garden this year. It has been successful. I’ve also had an opportunity to catch up on shows I’ve always wanted to watch.

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