Before joining CMC, what did you know of energy efficiency or the industry?

Prior to joining CMC Energy, I worked in the energy-efficiency industry since 1997. I started as an outreach educator for GPU (now part of First Energy), educating throughout their territory on the Deregulation Act of 1996, an act passed by the state assembly in 1996 (EGCCCA) allowing consumers the ability to pick and choose their own electricity-generation company. I then was promoted to manage the same program in the PPL service area in 1998. Fast-forward a few years, I shifted to outreach educator for the PPL residential energy-efficiency program until 2011, where I then moved over to do outreach in their C&I program.  In 2016, I joined the outreach team for the PECO C&I program, where I currently work.

What made you join CMC?

I joined CMC Energy when Clean Markets was purchased a few years ago.

What do you like about the work that you do at CMC?

I thoroughly love my job!  As an outreach manager, I have the opportunity every day to interact with a large and varied customer and contractor base and provide information and assistance in their participation in the PECO C&I rebate program. I take pride in providing excellent customer service and getting all eligible customers money for their energy-efficient projects. With our integration into CMC Energy, I have met and established relationships with awesome individuals in the different programs.

What do you do for fun? 

I love to travel and explore new locales, whether domestic or international. I also love to spend time with my family, hike, jog, ride my bike and walk my shelter rescue dog Baxter. On a less active note, I love reading and watching historical documentaries.

Do you have any hidden talents or interests?

I do fine arts (paint, sketch) as well as some commercial logo design for family and friends.  I love doing gourmet cooking and create my own recipes for the most part. I am an archaeologist, and although I do not actively participate, I love keeping myself abreast of new finds, theories, and developments on many past civilizations.

Besides work, how are you keeping busy during our “stay at home” period?

During this time, besides keeping quite busy with work , I have tried making new dishes, trying my hand at baking artisan breads, walking  as much as possible and keeping in touch with my family and friends.


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