In April, we turn our attention to the Massachusetts office and are proud to spotlight Heather Dupuis, Customer Care Representative II. Let’s take a minute to learn more about Heather, the work that she does and her “mini farm.” Take it away Heather!

Heather Dupuis

Provide some quick background about yourself? Where were you born or raised? Any education/degrees/certs? Favorite hobby or activity, if you have one.
I was born in Goldsboro, N.C., and moved around quite a bit as my father was in the Air Force. We moved permanently to Massachusetts when I was 7 years old to be closer to family. Fast forward to today and I am a single mother raising two teenagers, Madison, 18, and Kameron, 16.

My favorite hobbies include reading books, spending time with my kids and working on my mini farm that includes a miniature horse, two mini pigs and a goat, all of which were rescues.

Prior to joining CMC, what did you know about energy efficiency or the industry? What made you join CMC?
Before joining CMC, I knew very little about the industry and energy efficiency. I joined CMC for the amazing opportunities offered to employees and the considerable room for growth within the company.

What motivates you about the work that you do?
What motivates me most is being the “voice” for our customers. I make sure that each customer is a top priority when interacting with them and that their experience with CMC starts and ends on a positive note.

Heather with her Macaw

What was a recent personal or team “win” (project or initiative) that went well and/or you are proud of?
I recently discovered some potential fraud within one of the programs I work on. This find prompted the program sponsors to launch an investigation and two program participants were suspended from future opportunities. I feel proud that while doing my day-to-day work I was able to better the program with my contributions.

Heather, with her children, Kameron and Madison

What do you do for fun? Do you have any hidden talents or interests?
I would have to say working on my farm and taking care of my pets would be my version of fun. I love spending time with my kids, swimming in our pool and just hanging around the house.

Do you have any plans for the next few months, summer vacations, etc?
I hope to surprise my kids with a family cruise to the Caribbean this summer. Other than that, the plan is to go camping at various campgrounds throughout the state.

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