Home Energy Audits Include Energy Conservation Education for Our Customers

Providing leak-detection technologies and energy-saving home improvements are just the beginning.

We pride ourselves in conducting highly precise energy audits and providing a wide range of follow-up, money-saving, direct-installation services.

Extensive, all-inclusive Customer Energy Educational Program

But the most innovative and valuable service we provide on behalf of our clients is our Customer Energy Educational Program.

The long-term effectiveness of your program depends on it.

An informed, motivated customer is essential to the long-term success of your utility’s or government agency’s energy services program.

We empower each customer to make wiser decisions about how they use–and conserve–energy in their homes. Providing energy education creates satisfied and loyal customers.

That is why CMC weaves education into everything we do, including:

  • One-on-one sessions with customers during audits
  • Detailed cost and energy estimates for every system and appliance
  • Follow-up calls and mailings to report progress and encourage improvement
  • Literature full of energy-saving tips and information including calendars, magnets, posters, etc.

Special insights into educating low-income families

Because we work with approximately 25,000 private homes and commercial buildings annually, CMC has learned what information most resonates with customers—and more importantly, what does not. We continue to hone our educational programs accordingly each year for this segment of the population—with award-winning results.

We go beyond improving your customers’ energy use—we improve their energy understanding.

Contact us to learn more about our extensive, all-inclusive Customer Energy Education Program.