In the last CMConnect newsletter, we outlined CMC’s cybersecurity efforts and how we all can help keep the company safe. This month, we expand on this topic with tips, tricks and best practices for exceptional password security. Outside of phishing attempts, cracking a password is a hacker’s best option to steal your data.  

Make passwords hard to guess but easy to remember.

Writing down your password is not a good tactic. Even the term “password” is a little misleading. A simple password like, Mustang64 is extremely easy for a hacker to guess. Especially if you drive a 64’ Mustang. Instead of a single “word,” you want a phrase or grouping of words exceeding 16 characters. A password like StrawberryJellyistheBest consists of 24 characters and is much more difficult for a hacker to crack.

Use Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication adds another layer of protection in addition to your username and password. Generally, the additional factor links to an email or mobile phone app to confirm that you really are trying to log in.

Try a Password Management Tool

Password management tools are a great way to maintain your passwords. These programs store your passwords securely, with many providing a way to back up your passwords and use them across multiple systems. Some options for password management tools are LastPassKeeper, and Dashlane.

We recommend following these simple rules, tips and tricks for increased password security. Each of these steps takes some forethought and action, but once you are set up you will have strong password security for years to come.

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