Our Company's History

Ms. Doris IkléCMC Energy Services owes a tremendous amount of its national reputation and continued success to the passion and vision of its founder, Ms. Doris Iklé.

Ms. Iklé was initially an academic pioneer, earning significant academic credentials in the 1940s and 1950s—a time when women were not encouraged to aspire to such educational achievements. With Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Economics from New York University, and postgraduate studies in Economics at Columbia University, she was able to attain research positions at the National Bureau of Economic Research and the American Bankers Association. During that time, she developed the Iklé Index, which measures economic purchase price parity.

“How could it be anything less than a great company when CMC Energy Services was founded and led ably for decades by one of my energy efficiency heroes—Doris Ikle. Doris was a pioneer in so many ways, breaking through glass ceilings to the benefit of future generations of women, founding a company mid-way through her life and career, and opening up a new market for home energy upgrades to the benefit of homeowners and other entrepreneurs across the country.”
— Kateri Callahan
President, Alliance to Save Energy

She founded Conservation Management Corporation, now named CMC Energy Services, whose worldwide headquarters was literally her kitchen table. It was the rare woman-owned business in the field, and more importantly helped change the way today’s world looks at homes as a key component of energy conservation and cost-savings.

She developed the Feulomizer, a do-it-yourself energy audit slide chart tool. And she developed Home Tune-uP, a sophisticated software and auditing management tool for residential energy audits. But her contributions went beyond better auditing tools to include an important emphasis on low-income households, whose homes are most often in need of energy-saving repairs and whose bank balances most benefit from significant monthly energy-cost reductions. In 2010, Ms. Iklé received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Alliance to Save Energy.

With Ms. Iklé’s passing in 2012, CMC Energy Services is now in the highly capable hands of Mimi Iklé-Khalsa. Her lifetime of tutelage under her mother combined with her background in both human and environmental energies makes her the ideal person to provide the vision needed to continue the company’s outstanding leadership in the energy conservation field.

As Chairwoman, Ms. Iklé-Khalsa actively leads CMC’s Board of Directors to provide strategic direction to the company. She works directly with Eileen McGinnis and together they have made tremendous investments in infrastructure including IT and training to better support our clients. During the past year, CMC has thrived and prospered. We now have 100 employees to serve our expanded client list with a turnkey operation.

To date, CMC  has worked closely with major utilities and government agencies across America to provide energy audits to over 350,000 residences and 50,000 commercial buildings and employs over 95 people administering energy efficiency programs in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York State.