CMC employees from across the company poured in praise for their “energetic” peers. To continue saluting some of them, here are a few more words of praise for co-workers who Bring the Energy, Creating a Joyful Workplace.

Esther Santiago


“I would like to nominate Esther Santiago one of our Connecticut customer service representatives,” said Isaac Torres. “I do have to say that every time I have spoken to her, she always has a smile based on her response over the phone. Many times, she has something nice to say. As a matter of fact, I cannot remember a time when she has been upset or down. Esther always has a way to make me laugh no matter how much stress I can be under. She really deserves applause and a pat in the back on my behalf.”


Sunday Ross

“If you have ever interacted with Sunday Ross, you would know why I am nominating her,” said Steve Rust. “She has an infectious positivity and is always lifting up those who are around her.  Our client consistently provides positive comments on her performance and as a call center representative.”


Ian Andrews

“It’s hard to nominate just one person as there are quite a few people that I think are awesome such as Abby Perry-Hartman, Dora Vega, Cassandra Mahaffey, Dita Memed, Brittany Wilkins, and Angelique Mack just to name a few. However, I have to nominate Ian Andrews as my go-to person,” said Mari-Ivette Ortiz. “We both started at the same time and whenever we are stuck on anything we reach out to one another to see if and how we can help. He is especially my go-to with anything Salesforce related. He is an asset to this company.”


Didn’t see someone you think deserves to be recognized? Here’s your chance to honor that person. You can send an email to and they may appear in an upcoming CMConnect.

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