CMC Energy Services mainstay John McQuiggan retired on November 20. Although it only seems like yesterday, John has been with CMC for a decade. During that time, he served as a quality assurance supervisor before becoming a senior program manager. Equally important, John played a key role in countless successful RFPs (serving frequently as the lead writer) and helped kick off several new projects.

He joined CMC in 2010 after a successful five-year run as the owner/operator of Good Move Home Inspections, which provided home inspections, radon and water testing and energy audits in Philadelphia and surrounding Pennsylvania counties.

John, however, wasn’t always in the energy efficiency field. Before joining CMC, he worked at the Philadelphia Inquirer for more than 20 years. He served as the director of web content development for eight regional offices and general manager of philly.com, the award-winning website of the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News. He also served as a copy desk manager and copy editor for the newspaper.

A proud Temple University graduate, John is married to Mary Fluehr McQuiggan and has two children. In his spare time, John says he keeps busy and tries not to think about work. That’s about to become easier.

From the entire CMC family, we want to wish John good health, wealth and thousands of stunning sunsets.

What attracted you to join CMC in 2010?

I became acquainted with CMC when I took a class here on energy auditing. (Yes, we used to offer classes.) Years later, when I heard CMC had an opening for an inspector, I applied. I was sold on the company and the mission. Ten years later, I still feel I made the right choice.

Were there any similarities between running a website content department and energy efficiency programs for CMC?

Serving people was the common element. Both journalists and energy advisors are in the business of providing customers with reliable information. I saw my job as clearing the way so that could happen.

As a former editor, is there writing in your future?

Yes. I plan to remain available to CMC for help with writing assignments, such as RFPs. But trying to write the great American novel? Nope.

What’s your best memory of working at CMC?

The people. What a great bunch! Also, watching the company grow—there were only 50 employees and just a few clients when I started. And watching many of my younger colleagues grow over the years has been very rewarding.

As a noted early-bird, what’s the first thing you want to do when you no longer arrive in Fort Washington before 8 a.m.?

Get eight consecutive hours of sleep.

What’s on your To-Do List once you are retired?

Oh, I have a long and growing list of house projects that I’ve deferred (procrastinated on).  Learning Spanish (third attempt) and traveling to new places, Spanish-speaking and otherwise. Reading books rather than emails and news sites. Watching lots of movies and listening to more music. Biking and walking and gardening. And, of course, when it’s safe again, spending more time with friends and family (particularly the grandkids, while I’m still cool).

Do you have any hobbies you hope to dedicate more time to in retirement?

Maybe that’s what I’ll do before 8 a.m.—develop some hobbies.

I feel fortunate and grateful to have worked with so many of you over the last 10 years. You’ve been great colleagues and friends and I’ve admired the dedication you bring to the job every day. CMC is making a difference in the world, and your work makes that happen. Thank you. And keep the faith!




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