CMC Field Technicians servicing the Bethesda Apartment Complex

Continuing a vital program for Philadelphia income-eligible customers, CMC recently won a renewal for the Philadelphia Gas Works’ Low Income Multifamily Efficiency (LIME) program.

The LIME program serves low-income multifamily buildings in Philadelphia with at least 75 percent of residents at or below 150 percent of the Federal Poverty Level, providing cost-effective energy efficiency measures at low or no cost to building owners. As part of the program, CMC provides cost-effective weatherization services, offers improvements for gas-fired heating and hot water systems, and delivers energy-efficiency education designed to encourage energy-saving behaviors.

“Although the contract is limited in scope, this program enables CMC to support our vision of creating a more livable, equitable and sustainable planet for all,” said Tom Desimpel, Operations Director. “The program also helps CMC create a tight bond with PGW for the other services we provide to the gas company, which we hope leads to continued business.”

Program Manager Nick Skari can see first-hand the powerful impact the LIME program can have on PGW customers.

“It’s pretty amazing how the program can improve the comfort of multifamily apartments and help customers save money,” Skari said. “It’s really rewarding to know that you’ve helped a family put money into their pockets.”

Equally important, the LIME program receives compliments from property owners and customers whose property has been treated.

“The reaction from our affordable housing tenants at both Parkside and Mount West have been both appreciative and positive following the PGW boiler installs,” said Jackson Duncan, senior regional manager for Odin Properties in a letter. “The heat and hot water have never worked better and in return the tenants have been ecstatic through the winter months. Utilizing the savings from the new boilers we have been able to complete upgrades to the building to ensure our tenant happiness, which would not have been possible without this program dedicating resources to the low-income tenants of the Philadelphia region.”


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