Over the final months of 2022, CMC’s marketing team was hard at work creating five videos to highlight and mirror CMC’s core values: You Before I, Nurturing Our Planet, Doing It Right, Out in Front and Bringing the Energy.

In addition to recruitment activities, this content is a great fit for all audiences and we are proud to highlight those featured in these videos. All of our video talent talk enthusiastically about all things CMC and why CMC is such a great place to work. If you know one of our video participants, thank them all for their great work!

#1 | “You Before I”

Key themes: teamwork, support, expertise, growth



#2 | “Nurturing Our Planet”

Key themes: inclusive workplace, energy efficiency, employee recognition



#3 | “Doing It Right”

Key themes: job satisfaction, teamwork, professional development (including for career changers)



#4 | “Out in Front”

Key themes: leadership, professional development, company growth



#5 | “Bringing the Energy”

Key themes: stimulating workplace, customer engagement, training

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