In an effort to prepare CMC for expected growth, President & CEO Tina Bennett announced last week an organizational restructuring that positions the company for long-term success.

Although the changes should not have a large impact on the daily activities of the majority of CMC employees, the expanded leadership structure will promote continued growth and gives more employees an opportunity to enhance their skills and careers.

“Despite the challenges of 2020, CMC won some significant contracts and expects continued growth in the years to come that will stretch our organizational capabilities as we are currently structured,” Bennett explained. “Refining our structure and expanding our leadership, program and support teams now will allow us to better support our clients, customers and employees as we grow.”

While there are changes throughout CMC’s organization, there are three significant changes designed to position the company for immediate growth opportunities.

First, CMC is creating a new role on the senior leadership team (SLT) for a Chief Technology Officer, who will oversee our rapidly growing technology needs and lead CMC’s technology strategy in support of growth and innovation.

“Information Technology is changing faster than ever and the demands on our Information Technology team grow with each new employee or program,” Bennett said. “Adding this position to the Senior Leadership Team enables us to strengthen our information technology capabilities and better integrate our business and information technology strategies.”

Another notable change is the expansion of Operations leadership and program teams to enable deeper interactions with our clients and support program execution and growth. Operations also will invest in a Center of Operational Excellence that will be staffed as we grow. This team will provide important additional capacity and specialized expertise to the rest of Operations.

“Everything CMC does has two primary goals: serving our utility customers better and making energy bills more affordable for all customers,” said Leila Banihani, vice president of Operations. “These changes allow CMC to engage more deeply with clients and the program teams to support our growth.”

Finally, CMC will create a Customer Engagement and Innovation team under the leadership of Yvette Brown. This new function will combine our customer engagement efforts, such as the Customer Care Center, Commercial and Industrial Outreach and Engineering, and Marketing, with the newly created Innovation team.

“Every positive experience we give customers helps build CMC’s reputation and can lead to even more work for us,” Brown said. “Structuring our team in this fashion ensures that customers receive a premier experience from initial awareness through completion of our services.”

Innovation will continue to play a vital role in CMC’s growth, Brown noted. For example, the virtual energy audits CMC developed during Covid-19 are here to stay and are a welcome addition to our services.

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