At CMC Energy Services, our top priority is keeping customers, employees, their families, and our communities healthy and safe as we strive to balance public health concerns surrounding COVID-19 with our ability to return to work servicing your customers. To meet this goal, CMC created a COVID-19 Safe Work Playbook to ensure that our employees have the proper personal protection equipment (PPE) and training needed to provide energy efficiency services safely today. CMC will continue to monitor state, federal, Centers for Disease Control, OSHA and utility requirements to ensure we are compliant with all of the requirements necessary to allow us to safely enter customers’ homes and businesses.

Our readiness efforts have included implementation of new safety protocols as well as extensive and comprehensive trainings to ensure our employees understand proper safety precautions and on-the-job expectations to prevent exposure to COVID-19 and limit virus transmission. These training courses educate employees on proper PPE usage, social distancing guidelines, disinfection measures for their personal equipment and vehicles, and more to arm our employees with the knowledge and skills to keep them and your customers out of harm’s way.

That isn’t the only training that CMC employees have taken during the COVID-19 crisis. While many energy-efficiency companies furloughed or laid off employees, CMC retained our highly skilled workforce. To maximize the unplanned downtime due to restrictions on entering homes and businesses, our employees have been sharpening their skills  and have completed more than 4,500 hours of professional development training on topics as varied as CEUs for advanced building science, HVAC service, to enhanced customer service and sales skills . When we are allowed to enter customers’ homes, we will be able to provide them with even better service thanks to this invaluable additional training.

Our services will be even more important for all customer classes as they struggle to return to financial stability following months of inactivity that has crippled the American economy. Saving energy and money will ease the financial burden that customers—large and small—are experiencing. Of particular concern to CMC and utilities across the nation is the impact this economic downturn has had on low- and moderate-income people. More than 40 million people lost their jobs during the pandemic, creating a whole population of “the newly poor.” The services we jointly provide can reduce the financial strain many people are experiencing.

Ultimately, CMC’s readiness efforts are designed to give you the confidence that we’ve done everything we can and are ready to safely enter homes and businesses, make customers comfortable with our presence, and provide vital energy-efficiency services that curb costs during these uncertain times while helping you meet your energy-efficiency goals.  If you would like to learn more, please reach out to your CMC program manager or call: 877-700-2620.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve your customers.

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