Thank you to the nearly 250 employees who logged into CMC’s Town Hall Meeting on May 7.

We are grateful for the CMC team’s enthusiastic engagement asking questions, participating in the meeting and completing the follow-up survey.

Your feedback is valuable to us and we thank the more than 150 employees who shared their thoughts about the Town Hall and submitted additional questions for the Senior Leadership Team. Overall, the Town Hall feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

Employees had a lot of questions that CMC’s HR department and Tina Bennett have been answering. We want to ensure that your questions are answered, so if you have additional questions, please contact townhall@cmcenergy.com.

“Leadership has done an amazing job!  I am so grateful to work for a company who genuinely cares about their employees and I feel just so fortunate/blessed to still be working during this time when many of my friends and family members have been laid off,” one employee said.

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