During COVID-19, CMC created the Get People Back to Work (GPBTW) group, which was an integral part of keeping our business operating. This group was also critical in managing and offering valuable training opportunities to our CMC team members, which culminated in employees doing more than 4,500 hours of trainings. But most importantly, the efforts of the GPBTW group allowed us to ramp back up to do what we do best: Empower our communities through energy efficiency and clean energy for a more comfortable and affordable future.

Thank you to everyone who participated. Your hard work and time are greatly appreciated!

Get People Back to Work Team: Blaine Fox, chair, Yvette Brown, co-chair, Leila Banihani, Tina Bennett, Steven Cobb, Tom Desimpel, Scott Fotre, Kate Harron, Karen Haugh, Fred Maher, Tom McAteer, Allison McDaniel, Mike Newman, Michael Sanjek, Jordan Tuttle and Lauren Verbrugge.

To further build on the success of the Get People Back to Work group, CMC is creating a Growth Council to help drive business growth and innovation while remaining agile in our ever changing and evolving industry. This cross-departmental team will nurture innovative thinking, cultivate new ideas, and help to develop service approaches and tools that are crucial for CMC’s growth and sustainability.

“The Growth Council is a great opportunity for CMC to foster new ideas that will support the company’s revenue growth goals and corporate strategic plan,” said Blaine Fox, Senior Director, Business Development. “The Council will increase communication by providing a channel to inform program management and other teams about new or evolving company capabilities. It’s a great addition to our team structure.”

The Council also will serve as a forum for information-sharing to support key accounts, cultivate new accounts and support long-term contract retention and revenue growth through new idea generation and innovation.









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