CMC IL has some exciting news! Our Ameren IL team has been working hard to update on-base multifamily housing at the Scott Air Force Base as part of the Ameren IL Multifamily program. Scott Air Force Base is home to approximately 3,900 service members.

CMC closed this project in spring 2022 after many years of interest in offering our services to the base. Through the Ameren IL Multifamily program, CMC is tasked with updating 1,595 on-base multifamily homes along with four commercial buildings by adding LEDs, kitchen and bath aerators, shower heads, outlet and switch plate gaskets, APS strips and Ecobee thermostats. In addition to this work, attic and air sealing measures will be evaluated in autumn 2022.

Jeff Eccles (Energy Advisor), and Rob Tortat (Field Operations Supervisor)

CMC’s Rob Tortat (Field Operations Supervisor), Jeff Eccles (Energy Advisor), and Keith Reeder (Field Technician II) have been some of our boots on the ground. When completing an installation in the Base Commander’s home, the commander gave them both a base coin, which is an honor to receive.

Base coins, an honor to receive.

The Scott Air Force base project is a great opportunity for CMC to display the quality and range of our services and this project is being followed closely by Ameren IL. Let’s thank the IL team for all their hard work and dedication to this project. By putting our best foot forward, we will guarantee many other opportunities in the Midwest – a growing market for the company.

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