Cassandra Mahaffey

Playing Bingo was a winning option for a couple of local charities after Cassandra Mahaffey and Tiffany Murphy won last month’s Culture Club drawing. The pair were able to donate $500 each to the charities of their choice. Last month’s value was You Before I (Humbly Serving) and there’s no better way to demonstrate that value than making these donations.

Mahaffey chose two charities for her donation, Puck Cancer, Inc. and Unicornucopia. Puck Cancer holds annual hockey and golf tournaments to raise money for Medical Oncology Associates of NEPA, which helps patients undergoing cancer treatment be able to afford their monthly prescriptions, transportation to and from medical appointments, durable medical equipment, as well as insurance premiums.


“After losing my mother, grandfather, father-in-law and mother-in-law all to cancer, Puck Cancer’s mission is near and dear to mine as well as the heart of my family,” Mahaffey said.

Unicornucopia’s mission is to provide birthday presents, birthday cakes, and holiday gifts to children living in group homes across the Wyoming Valley in Pennsylvania.

“Having worked in social work for many years prior to joining CMC, it was shocking to me that so many of these children often go without even the basic necessities such as appropriate clothing and hygiene supplies,” Mahaffey said. “Unicornucopia fights to end that deficit while making a child feel special, loved, and appreciated.”

Murphy chose the March of Dimes for her charitable contribution.

Tiffany Murphy

“I chose this charity because my twins were born premature and spent the first few weeks of their lives in the NICU,” Murphy said. “The March of Dimes fights to prevent preterm births by supporting moms through their pregnancies and helps those born preterm by supporting research to find the biggest health threats to moms and babies.”

In addition to the charitable donations, Mahaffey and Murphy each won a $25 gift card and the limited-edition CMC Culture Club mug.

Mahaffey said the value that most resonates with her is You Before I (Humbly Serving) “because I believe that we rise by building up others and through building up our fellow man, we stand to make the world a better place!”

Murphy chose “Nurturing our Planet” as the most meaningful CMC value “because I try to do my part every day in creating a more sustainable future for my children.”

You could be next winner of the CMC Culture Club drawing. Keep your eyes open for a message in the coming days about this month’s featured value: Doing it Right (Pursuit of Excellence).

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