Staff accountant Gerson Diaz had a pleasant surprise late last month. He was the latest winner of the CMC Culture Club drawing for the topic of Innovation.

As part of his response, Diaz noted that the video’s demonstration of visualizing a process such as making toast can be a useful practice in the office, as well as at home.

“Breaking down a process helps us better understand what we are doing, thus helping us produce a better way to do it,” Diaz said. “I strongly believe this model would help us with personal as well as business tasks. We sometimes are afraid to tackle something new simply because we don’t understand it.”

Diaz finds CMC’s Value of You Before I: Humbly Serving particularly meaningful.

“That value has stuck with me since it was introduced,” Diaz said. “Putting others before yourself allows you to understand the meaning behind the service you are providing.”

Demonstrating his commitment to the Value, Diaz selected Habitat for Humanity as the recipient of the $100 donation from CMC.

“Habitat for Humanity uses volunteers to build new homes for selected individuals,” he said. “I think it is a great cause because they are offering a helping hand to the less fortunate.”

In addition to the charitable donation, Diaz received a $25 gift card and the limited edition CMC Culture Club mug for answering three easy questions about CMC’s Value of Out in Front (Innovative Leaders).

You could be the next winner of the CMC Culture Club drawing. Keep an eye out for an email in the coming days about this month’s featured Value: Nurturing Our Planet: Building a Sustainable Future.

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