Employee Testimonials

Learn more about the CMC experience from the people who work here.

“CMC is a great company to work for, family is very important to me and being able to work for a company that feels like a family makes coming to work every day enjoyable.”

—Anthony Tortomasi, Energy Advisor

“CMC works with their employees to develop their skills and provides encouragement as well as opportunities to become a leader within in the company. I feel CMC understands that when an employee is successful, the company and its customers succeed too.”

—Tanisha Rankin, Data Analyst

“CMC is a fantastic place to work! It is a place where a person feels appreciated and valued. I really enjoy the encouraging words that are shared with me and the support and training that I receive. Everyone should desire to work for a company like CMC.”

—Maritza Arce, Bilingual Customer Rep

“As an energy auditor, I was most motivated by interacting with and helping new customers each day. Now as QC supervisor, I am motivated by the success of my team. My inspectors and field technicians regularly produce a high level of quality work. I continue to feel that I help others each day through the supervision of my reports.”

—Nick Skari, Quality Control Supervisor