CMC Can Handle Utility and Government Energy Audit Programs of Any Size

Any size project, we have the capacity.

We conduct over 25,000 energy audits each year — including large community projects — with rigorous performance demands and strict completion deadlines.

All major utility and government home energy savings initiatives require seasoned program managers, experienced staff, and trained field technicians. Our highly competent professionals, in both energy services and customer service, are among the best in the field.

We can handle any size utility or government energy audit program.

We’ve prepared for more than 36+ years to meet today’s large-scale opportunities

We have built the human capital infrastructure and relationships to support large utility and government programs targeting reduced energy usage over a sustained period of time.

You will benefit from our in-house, highly trained team of nearly 100 professionals who are fully committed to award-winning energy efficiency. Our goal is to make your customers or constituents enjoy significant energy savings and improved indoor comfort, which helps build their satisfaction with your company or agency.

As a nationwide energy services company, we also have a wide and loyal contractor network, which allows us to scale as much as necessary to meet your project requirements for coverage and time constraints while maintaining high-quality procedures and results.

Our administrative staff also plays a large part in successfully handling large jobs. They keep everything running smoothly with their professional experience and a proprietary tracking system.

There are many ways that CMC is different from other energy auditing companies. But certainly the capacity to scale effortlessly to any size project helps set us apart.

Contact us today to size us up for your next energy conservation project.