We’ve all seen some terrible movies with bad actors, but the worst they can do is waste an evening. “Bad actors” in the cyberworld can be much more dangerous to you, your family and CMC.

It is very easy to steal data. Vigilance on your part is how to stay safe!

Cyber bad actors actively look for ways to trick you into revealing information about yourself using a variety of techniques, including email phishing and social engineering.

Fortunately, CMC provides regular training to help you spot bad actors and their data-gathering efforts. Here’s a few cybersecurity facts and tips to help you stay safe. (Of course, if you’ve completed the most recent training, you already know this!)

  • 80 percent of cyberattacks are targeted at people—NOT companies.
  • 39 seconds! That is how often a cybercrime is committed. That’s right, every 39 seconds.
  • 80 percent of hacking attempts use stolen passwords.
  • Be extremely cautious when clicking on links from people you aren’t familiar with or if the message is urgent.
  • Remember to be selective in what you post on social media. Some people put too much information on their profiles, which makes it easy for bad actors to pretend to be you or know you.
  • When you create a password, make sure it is 16-20 characters long, includes a space and uses special characters such as #!@.

Remember, using these tips and the others you learned in the training, help you become a human firewall against cyberattacks at work or in your personal life.

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