It pays to save…energy. Just ask Melissa Calloway, September’s CMC Culture Club winner.

Calloway submitted suggestions to weatherstrip your windows and to regularly replace your heating/cooling filters to help save money. Those were just two of the dozens of suggestions provided, some of which were used in CMC’s social media posts to support Energy Efficiency Day on October 6.

A special mention goes to Sofia Jurema, who had one of the most original suggestions: Declutter your email box. According to, if every person deleted 10 emails, they could save 1,725,00 gigabytes of storage space and around 55.2 million kilowatts of power.

Calloway won a $25 gift card, a limited-edition CMC Culture Club mug and a $100 donation to the Acute Myeloid Leukemia – PAN Foundation for giving three energy efficiency suggestions, which help demonstrate CMC’s value of Nurturing Our Planet (Building a Sustainable Future).

“I chose AML because my Mom passed away from the disease,” Calloway said. “She was my hero and I wish there was a cure as of three years ago. I pray for all who are battling any type of cancer. This is a blood cancer. The foundation offers financial assistance and resources for the patient and families.”

Calloway said the value that most resonates with her is You Before I (Humbly Serving), October’s featured value.

“My outreach efforts in Illinois to multifamily property owners helps those properties save energy that in turn helps their tenants greatly,” Calloway said. “If you have never been in a situation where you don’t have enough food, roof over your head or the power is not on, you are truly blessed.
“CMC’s work makes a difference in the tenants’ and families’ lives,” she added. “This makes me get up every day and want to do my BEST for our multifamily team in Central Illinois.”

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