Quantifying Our Impact: The CMC CO2 Impact Calculator

It hasn’t always been easy to understand the impact of the important work we do here at CMC Energy.

But we are working to change that.

As part of our commitment to environmental responsibility and continuous improvement, in early 2017 we began to track and quantify the impact of the energy-efficiency services we provide to the utilities and programs we serve.

Using established EPA’s CO2 conversion figures, we created a CO2 Impact Calculator that assigns an emissions savings equivalent to each measure we deliver — from HVAC installations to education initiatives.

We will continue to track CO2 savings in the months and years ahead, setting goals and pinpointing opportunities to get better at what we do. In 2017 —our first year of tracking— we’re on target to prevent 90 million pounds of carbon dioxide from reaching the air — the equivalent of taking more than 8,700 passenger cars off the road!

With our new CO2 Impact Calculator, we can communicate in tangible ways what we have known for years: The work we deliver for you is powerful, effective and important for your utility — and for our planet.

Want to learn more about how our CO2 Impact Calculator can help your utility? Contact us today.